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In today’s fast paced world, you have only a moment to grab the attention of your audience. MMT has the power to turn heads with high quality large scale imaging.

More than a decade ago MetroMedia Technologies revolutionised large scale imaging and became the industry leader. By not accepting the status quo, MMT invented a digitally-controlled painting technique, forever redefining the imaging process. The inherent properties of the acrylic based paint that we use enables us to create vibrant, intense images with never before seen digital precision.

Today we continue to look to the future. Covering buildings, scaffolding sites, trucks, billboards, stadiums and more. MMT is turning heads everywhere.

MMT Defined
MMT is a visual communications company specializing in comprehensive solutions for display advertising, including project management, imaging and fulfillment.

Undisputed Leader

In less than a decade, MMT became the largest computer imaging company in the world and the undisputed leader in the development of large, photographic digital graphics.

How did it begin? MMT emerged in 1987 with its innovative process, a computer technology that replaced the slower, inexact methods that
continually plagued outdoor bulletin production.

Ad Agency Insight

In a short time, the company caught the eye of advertising agency creative directors who saw in MMT a solution to the inconsistency problems they didn't want, and the commanding photographic quality they desired.

Global Presence
Through widespread acceptance and use of its precise, colourful and innovative system, MMT expanded to where it now operates on six continents serving clients in over 145 countries. From awnings in Auckland and backlights in Budapest to outdoor billboards in Sydney and fine art in France, MMT is everywhere, producing consistent, computer-accurate images that attract, communicate and motivate.


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