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Workplace Health and Safety Policy

MMTB Pty Ltd is dedicated to integrating health and safety management into workplace operations to achieve a safe and healthy work environment for all employees, visitors and members of the community. MMT has adopted a risk management approach to ensure health and safety is included as an essential part of all day to day activities within the Company.

Regular training for all employees includes reference to safety and procedure manuals for general and task-specific activities to ensure the results of risk assessments and ongoing reviews are communicated.

The prevention of work-related injury and illness is achieved by an evolving health and safety system. It encourages the participation of every employee to report all accidents and incidents to ensure they are investigated and the results communicated.

Key objectives in preserving MMT's position as a health and safety "best practice" workplace are:

  • Elimination of all work-related injury and illness
  • Compliance with the WHS Act and Regulations, Advisory Standards and Codes of Practice
  • Compliance with Australian Standards applicable to performance of activities
  • Communication of information relating to change in work processes and legislative requirements
  • Actively encouraging all employees to contribute to achieving optimal levels of health and safety by communicating all issues, encouraging consultation and providing feedback.
  • Encouraging all employees to act in a manner that will not cause harm to any person in the workplace and follow the company's instructions for performing activities safely
  • Integrating this policy and its objectives into the induction training of all new employees
  • Continual measurement and review of the effectiveness of the health and safety system.

  • The Operations Manager is assigned to deliver on these policy commitments and is supported by a trained Workplace Health and Safety Officer. An active Safety Committee with employee representatives encourages a collaborative approach, effective communication and empowers everyone to work safely.

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